Wondering when is the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas? While Cabo San Lucas is a popular destination to visit regardless of the time of year — each season offers unique perks and benefits. Read through our detailed guide for each season in Cabo San Lucas below to determine which season is best for you to plan your vacation and don’t miss our list of what to pack for Cabo San Lucas when you’re finished to make sure you’ve got all the essentials.

Winter in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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The winter months are the peak season in Cabo San Lucas, with most tourists booking their trips between December through March. This season is a popular time to head to Cabo because it coincides with popular holidays, like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and school breaks, like spring break, in North America. Winter is also the peak of the dry season and offers sunny, warm weather with minimal rain, so if you’re looking for the best Cabo San Lucas weather — this is the ideal time to visit Los Cabos. Average temperatures generally hover around 80°F.

That said, winter is the most popular time to visit Cabo San Lucas, so you should expect slightly higher prices for accommodations, flights, and tours. Winter is a great time to visit Cabo with a lively atmosphere and beautiful weather! 

Notable Events

  • Sabor a Cabo Restaurant and Food Festival — This is the largest food festival in Cabo San Lucas and involves more than 50 local restaurants and food vendors, as well as international chefs. It takes place in December, and the proceeds benefit local charities.
  • Carnaval — Carnaval is a family-friendly six-day event on the Baja California Peninsula, both in Los Cabos and further north in La Paz. Expect parades, dancing, live music, food stalls, and cultural events as a final “hurrah” before the start of fasting for Lent.
  • Gala de Danza — This popular dance event in Los Cabos attracts international artists, dancers, choreographers, and musicians worldwide to collaborate on ballroom, ballet, and Latin dances. Tickets sell out quickly, so buy yours plenty of time in advance.

Top Activities

  • Whale Watching — The winter months are the best time for whale watching in Los Cabos. You can spot gray whales and humpback whales off the coast of the Baja Peninsula as they escape the cold, freezing temperatures up north and migrate south for the winter.
  • Boat Trips — Bring a light jacket and get on the water. Winter is a fabulous time for kayaking, sailing, fishing, and other water sports, as well as boating to popular attractions, like the Arch of Cabo San Lucas and Land’s End, because of the ideal weather conditions.
  • Sports — Many all-inclusive resorts in Cabo San Lucas offer courts to play tennis, pickleball, and other fun sports. Winter is a great time to hit the courts since you can enjoy the clear skies, sunny days, and cooler temperatures.

Spring in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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Spring is another great time to visit Cabo San Lucas for fabulous Los Cabos weather. Generally, the average temperature hovers between the mid-80s and low-90s, and the crowds begin to clear up at the end of April, making the months of May and June an excellent time to enjoy the best of what Cabo San Lucas offers without the sky-high hotel prices and crowds of tourists.

Notable Events

  • Cinco de Mayo — You might be surprised to discover that Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the U.S. more than in Mexico. However, you will find fun celebrations, special dinners, and drink deals at hotels and restaurants geared toward American tourists.
  • Los Cabos Open of Surf — Kick off the summer surfing season in Los Cabos at the Los Cabos Open of Surf. This six-day men’s and women’s surfing event in June draws international crowds and includes free concerts and an accompanying food festival.

Top Activities

  • Sightseeing — Take advantage of the good weather and smaller crowds at the end of the spring by exploring the shops, restaurants, and other sites in Downtown Cabo.
  • Hiking — Before the weather gets too hot, spring is a fabulous time to enjoy the mild temperatures and hit some of the hiking trails in Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding area, including the Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas Trail and Cerro del Vigía Trail.
  • Horseback Riding — Tour providers in Cabo San Lucas offer horseback rides on the beach or in the desert. Either choice is the perfect way to enjoy the warm spring days in Cabo San Lucas without getting in the water.

Summer in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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Summer in Cabo San Lucas is the rainy season — especially during the hurricane season in August and September, when tropical storms are most likely. Though rain is most common in Cabo San Lucas during the summer, Cabo is still a desert climate, so you won’t have to deal with rainstorms daily — just the occasional shower or thunderstorm in the late summer. Summer is also the hottest time to visit Cabo San Lucas, with the average temperature hovering around the low 90s.

That said, summer is also the low season in Cabo San Lucas, which means you’ll find the best discounts on hotels, flights, tours, and activities. There are also fewer crowds during this time of year, which is one of the biggest reasons visitors head to Cabo from mid-July through September.

Notable Events

  • Los Cabos Open — The Los Cabos Open is one of the most prominent men’s tennis competitions in Mexico. This six-day event in August offers nearly one million dollars in prize money!
  • Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore Tournament — Though the more notable fishing tournaments take place in the fall, Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore Tournament is a casual three-day fishing event that takes place in August to catch marlin, tuna, and dorado.

Top Activities

  • Surfing — Because of the swells from the Southern Hemisphere, surfing in the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez around Los Cabos is best in the summer months.
  • Snorkeling — If you’re looking for warm snorkeling conditions and plenty of colorful fish, you’ll likely enjoy snorkeling in the balmy waters teeming with marine life during the summer months. Summer is also a great time to spot sea turtles on the beaches of Los Cabos!
  • Sunbathing — As long as you’re able to catch a dry summer day (which is likely!), summer is the best time to enjoy sunbathing on Cabo’s stunning beaches or lounging by your resort pool since the weather and water will be the warmest during these months.

Fall in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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Fall is the shoulder season in Cabo San Lucas. This means that fall is not as busy as other more popular seasons (winter and spring), but the rainy, cloudy summer days are long gone by the end of September, so October and November offer great weather for snorkeling, fishing, diving, and other popular activities in Cabo.

Notable Events

  • Mexican Independence Day — Celebrate Mexican Independence Day on September 15th with drinks, dancing, fireworks, street food, and more fun!
  • Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Tournament — Most of the sport fishing tournaments in Cabo San Lucas take place during the fall, including Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Tournament, the largest fishing tournament of the year with millions of dollars in prize money!

Top Activities

  • Sport Fishing — Though deep sea fishing is a popular activity to enjoy in Cabo San Lucas year-round, the most popular fishing tournaments take place in the fall, and this season is the best time to catch black and blue marlin (striped marlin are more common in the winter and spring).
  • Scuba Diving — The water visibility in Cabo is at its best during the fall, so this is a fabulous time to go scuba diving (or snorkeling) to see plenty of colorful fish, turtles, whales, and octopuses.
  • Swimming with Whale Sharks — Fall is considered the best time to swim with whale sharks in La Paz, just north of Cabo San Lucas. However, the season lasts through March, so you can also swim with whale sharks in the winter.

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